GroomHQ is your virtual best man. The one stop shop to complete all your wedding tasks and the experts to solve all your problems.

Perfect for Planning:


Get set up with the right attire for any style of wedding.

Bachelor Party

Keep the planning in control and then decide if the party gets out of control.


Simple effective planning for even the most extravagant excursions.

Groomsmen Gifts

Classic meets contemporary with our unique list of gifts.

Groom HQ for Him

No one prepared you for wedding planning. We’ve been there, we know, we have your back. Our Promise: To provide you solutions to any problem and prepare you to confidently take on every challenge.

Groom HQ for Her

We know you’re overwhelmed with making your dream wedding come to life. Our promise: To give the groom a solid foundation to support you with any aspect of the planning. We’ll give the oversight you want without the intrusion you loathe.

The Personalized Dashboard.

Organize, Manage, Accomplish.

Make the decisions and stay on top of the progress.

The key to simplicity. Take control of tasks from one digital platform. Identify options, choose the match, make the order, and track the progress to completion.

Communicate, Collaborate, Delegate.

Get input and feedback from your trusted advisors on the important decisions.

Keep tabs on the groomsmen or pass off planning rights to the best man. Send your top attire choices to the bride for approval or get honeymoon advice from an expert.

Get Updates, Early Access, Special Deals and more!

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